Greeting cards and quotes for all occasions

Greetings! Welcome to our treasure trove of greetings, salutations, quotes and unique messages for any occasion you can think of. We know that sometimes, especially when it matters the most and the clock is ticking, we just can’t find the right words. So, especially for you, we’ve made a wonderful batch of the most amazing and unique greetings and wishes for birthdays, Christmas, Mother's Day, christenings, and other joyful occasions. Happy times! So take a look and pick the quote that most tickles your fancy. Leave everything else to us and enjoy the celebration! And don’t forget to check out our spellbinding collection of personalised books for the perfect gift to go with your beautifully written card.

  1. 21

    You’re special, smart and curious,
    and I want you to remember that forever.
    A bond between father and daughter is special
    and unbreakable.
    I cherish every moment I get to spend with
    you and your daddy.
    Happy reading together.
    With all my love,


  2. 22

    I know I am capable of extraordinary things because I am your son.
    When I grow up, I want to be just like you.

  3. 23

    'Brother and sister, together as friends,
    ready to face whatever life sends.
    Joy and laughter or
    tears and strife,
    holding hands tightly as we
    dance through life.'

    We love you all to to the moon and back!

  4. 24

    Merry Christmas to our two wonderful children!
    You make us so happy and are the greatest gifts of all!
    Santa will be coming soon and we can’t wait to see what he brings.
    We love you both so much!

    Love Always,

    Mummy and Daddy

  5. 25

    A girl so curious and smart
    who’s captured our hearts deserves only the best.
    And this, dear girl, you have to remember:
    the best is not always right,
    the smartest or the fastest.
    The best is someone who’s never afraid
    to ask and learn.

  6. 26

    Dear Oscar,
    I hope you enjoy this special book made
    just for you on your birthday. I hope it reminds
    you of how smart and strong you are every single
    time you read it!


  7. 27

    Happy Father’s Day

    I love you so much and I am beyond
    grateful and so thankful to have
    you for a dad. Thank you for all the fun experiences that you made happen with over the last 3 years. Thank you. Those memories we made together will last a life time.
    You are the best dad and I hope
    you have a wonderful Father’s day and I can’t wait to celebrate so many
    more Father’s Days with you.
    I love you so much dad.

  8. 28

    We’ve shared everything together,
    From the very beginning until now.
    It’s only gotten better and better,
    Sometimes it’s hard to understand how.
    So here is what we want to say, my love:
    Happy Father’s Day!

    Of all the things she could grow up to be-
    I hope the most she turns out like you.

  9. 29

    Christmas isn't just a day – it's a holy season.
    And what brings us together? Family is the reason.
    So any path you take in life, in all that you do,
    You always have family – I'll be there for you.

    So we hope you enjoy your book, and that you find
    That just like you it's perfect and one-of-a-kind.

  10. 30

    Charlotte & Emma,
    I want you to know how much I love you both.
    As our little family grows & a special baby is born,
    remember you hold forever places in my heart.
    Nothing & no one will ever replace my love for you!
    You two are, and will be the best big sisters.
    You have my whole heart. Forever.

    Love, Mum