Have a Merry little Christmas!

'Twas the week before Christmas, when all thro' the house, empty cards lay around with no inspiration to be found. Ah, Christmas spirit! Our favourite. Don’t tell Easter, though. Baking cookies, having fun with the family, opening presents – and have we mentioned cookies? But every year, as surely as Santa visits us, our inspiration heads off on vacation. Writing a Christmas card should be as easy as wrapping a present. But let’s face it, both can take a lot of time and still not be perfect. So, with that in mind we’ve done a good deed to land us on your nice list: right here you can find the most captivating, magical, merry, jolly Christmas wishes you can imagine! And just one more thing – if you don’t have a gift for your little one yet, we have a couple of elves working in our midst. Don’t believe me? Take a look …

  1. 1


    I know mummy had trouble while I was in her tummy, I know I was born
    little but I came out stronger. You stayed by our side and never left
    me, and for that, you are the best daddy I could ever ask for. You
    wipe my tears and make me bottles, you make me giggle and make
    me happy and as your son that’s all I could ask for. Daddy, I was born
    at 3 400 grams but I’m growing up to be a strong little boy and
    taking after you, I wanna say Merry Christmas from your baby boy.
    This book is for you daddy you can teach me all the things I need to
    know about life and all the cool things to be when I grow up!

    I love you.

  2. 2

    Merry First Christmas with me!
    Thank you for helping bring me into this world and taking care of me.
    I can’t wait for the next years of my life and for you to see me grow up.
    I can’t wait to play, laugh, adventure, and learn from you.
    I hope I make you proud with whatever I choose to do and whoever
    I choose to be. But just know, with whatever it is, I will always be your
    little girl and I will always love you.


  3. 3

    Dear Daddy,

    I love you and all that you do for me and mummy.
    I love that you play me my favourite songs that calm me down and
    the way that you look at me when you hold me close and
    how you smile at me knowing that I’m yours forever.
    I can’t wait for you to read this to me until I grow up to
    be one of these amazing things.

    Merry first Christmas with me!

    Love you,

  4. 4

    Merry Christmas, my beautiful Evelyn! This
    Christmas is our favourite because we are spending
    it with you, our darling daughter. You are the
    best present we have ever been granted and we
    thank God for you every day. May every Christmas
    bring you warmth, wonder, and love to a deeper
    level. We adore you.

    Mummy and Daddy

  5. 5

    I take this Christmas as an opportunity to remind you how much you mean to me.
    I can’t even think what would I ever do without you.
    I thank God for sending you into my life.
    On this beautiful occasion, I pray to him to give you whatever you wish for.

  6. 6

    Every year, at this time,
    People find some new solutions.
    They promise to go do brand new things,
    They make their resolutions.
    But whatever you do this new year,
    There's something we must admit:
    You're simply perfect just as you are,
    So don't you change one bit!


  7. 7

    Christmas is the day that God gave us
    to love others a little extra, but especially your family.
    I want to give you this book to spend a
    little TIME with your daddy because when you give
    someone your time,
    you are giving them a portion of your life
    that you'll never get back.
    Your time is your life. That is why the
    greatest gift you can give someone is your time.

    We will always love you,


  8. 8

    Santa's got his eye on you and every other kid,
    So to see if you've been good, here's what we did:
    We went up to see him, he let us take his sleigh!
    And we asked about you, here's what he had to say:

    He said you're as good as Rudolph's nose is red,
    As nice as the hair is white on his head,
    As cool as the snow you find at the North Pole,
    So you get this great book and not a lump of coal!

  9. 9

    Merry Christmas to our two wonderful children!
    You make us so happy and are the greatest gifts of all!
    Santa will be coming soon and we can’t wait to see what he brings.
    We love you both so much!

    Love Always,

    Mummy and Daddy

  10. 10

    Christmas isn't just a day – it's a holy season.
    And what brings us together? Family is the reason.
    So any path you take in life, in all that you do,
    You always have family – I'll be there for you.

    So we hope you enjoy your book, and that you find
    That just like you it's perfect and one-of-a-kind.