Greeting cards and quotes for all occasions

Greetings! Welcome to our treasure trove of greetings, salutations, quotes and unique messages for any occasion you can think of. We know that sometimes, especially when it matters the most and the clock is ticking, we just can’t find the right words. So, especially for you, we’ve made a wonderful batch of the most amazing and unique greetings and wishes for Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Christenings and other joyful occasions. Happy times! So, take a look and pick the quote that most tickles your fancy. Leave everything else to us and enjoy the celebration! And don’t forget to check out our spellbinding collection of personalized books for the perfect gift to go with your beautifully written card.

  1. 1


    You are my best buddy. You are my favourite teammate.
    You are my protector. You are my role model.
    You love Jesus and show me how to be a man of God.
    You show me how to love my mama and those around me.
    You teach me how to be strong but it’s okay to cry.
    You pray with me and for me. You are the one
    that I will always look up to. You are my dad
    and my favourite guy. I love you forever!

  2. 2

    I love you passed the moon, the stars, the
    planets, and even the sun. Wrapped around
    everything times twenty million, bajillion times
    infinity! That’s how much I love you.


  3. 3

    When those two paths appear in the woods,
    Choose the one that fits you the most.
    The steps we take help to make us good,
    But sometimes the way has no signpost.
    That's why we'll always be here, my child,
    To help and encourage you with your life's firsts.
    You'll someday grow up, to this we're reconciled,
    But for now, dive right in and dive headfirst!

  4. 4

    I’ll remember the first time our eyes met,
    I’ll remember helping you take your first step,
    I’ll remember when we gave you your first bath,
    I’ll remember the first time we heard you laugh.
    And I will keep these memories till kingdom come,
    Because watching you grow has been so much fun!
    So keep trying with everything you do,
    And we'll always be so proud of you!

  5. 5

    To the world,
    you are a father but to our little family,
    you are our world.
    No matter how old I get,
    sometimes I will just need my Dad.
    I love you, daddy.


    Your forever little girl.

    Ps. Mummy loves you so much too.

  6. 6

    To the best mummy on the whole entire planet,

    I am so thankful for you and all you do for me.
    You put me above all else (I mean who could blame you)
    and are always doing what is best for me.
    If I can become half the woman you are I know I can be successful.
    You are an amazing provider and caregiver and I am super blessed to call you my mum.
    I have the greatest role model a girl could ask for.
    So this book is from me and daddy to remind you that you are an amazing mum and
    I can become whatever I set my mind to because
    I have an awesome mum to show me how to do that.
    You are and always will be my hero.

  7. 7

    I am soo proud of you and how well you have adjusted being
    a father. It almost seems to come naturally to you. Seeing how sweet
    and tender you are with Athena makes me fall more and more in love
    with you. You are absolutely wonderful with Chloe. She is soo lucky
    to have a dad like you.
    Thank you for everything that you do for her
    and our family as a whole. We love you soo much and are so lucky to
    have you as the leader of our family. I hope that you and Athena enjoy
    this book and the time that you get to spend together reading it.
    Forever and always.

  8. 8

    You’re special, smart and curious,
    and I want you to remember that forever.
    A bond between father and daughter is special
    and unbreakable.
    I cherish every moment I get to spend with
    you and your daddy.
    Happy reading together.
    With all my love,


  9. 9

    I know I am capable of extraordinary things because I am your son.
    When I grow up, I want to be just like you.

  10. 10

    'Brother and sister, together as friends,
    ready to face whatever life sends.
    Joy and laughter or
    tears and strife,
    holding hands tightly as we
    dance through life.'

    We love you all to to the moon and back!