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The Adventures of Nina, Otis and Roxy

Three Siblings Edition

Whoever says two’s company, three’s a crowd clearly can’t handle the non-stop adventure that is having three children! So just for those heroic parents of three, our best-selling personalised sibling book is now available for three siblings! Personalise any combination of brothers and sisters, choose 15 adventures, and enjoy as each page bursts with three times the rhyming fun! With Mum or Dad as the narrator, this personalised children’s book is the perfect bedtime read now and the cutest keepsake to cherish for the best three siblings you know.

0 - 12 years
No. of pages:
38 pages
A4 landscape

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Perfect Gift For Three
The perfect book for three siblings to see themselves as the unstoppable force you know they are! Fun rhymes equal good times!
Choose the Narrator
Whose voice describes the magical worlds that the heroes find themselves in - Mum's or Dad's? You decide!
One of a Kind Gift
Create one personalised gift for three amazing siblings to enjoy now and cherish later. It’s a perfect keepsake for Mum or Dad too!

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