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The Adventures of Elijah and Gwendoline

Special Edition! Check out this book in which two siblings embark on adventures in the form of poems! Poems read by Mum. Poems read by Dad. Poems about older sisters and younger brothers and any other combinations you can think of! Having a sibling means having a companion, a partner, and a co-adventurer, and this Special Edition of “The Adventures of Ethan and Ava” puts your inseparable pair into a world of rhythm and rhyme. Whether it’s baking cookies, climbing trees, jumping in puddles or any of the adventures you choose, it’ll be rhymes for bedtime, rhymes for downtime, rhymes for bonding time – rhymes for Christmastime!

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Perfect Gift For Two
The perfect book for two siblings to see themselves as the unstoppable duo you know they are!
So Many Choices!
You choose who the two main heroes are, what they look like, which adventures they appear in and decide on the narrator. It’s one of a kind!
One Of a Kind Gift
Give a gift they won’t want to put down! Wrap it in a board game gift box for two they won’t want to stop playing!

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